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PRAGIM Technologies provides best Siebel CRM Training in Bangalore. We are located in Marathahalli, next to Brand Factory.

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Pragim Technologies - Specialized Siebel CRM Training Institute in Bangalore:
Siebel CRM Training is delivered by a real time working software professional having 9 years of experience. He has trained 48 batches on Siebel CRM so far in Pragim Technologies. 90 % of the people he trained got jobs in companies in less than a week. He takes personal care for each and every trainee. You can attend our Siebel CRM Training classes for free, for one week. During this one week, you will get to know the quality of our Siebel CRM Training trainer. You also get an opportunity to talk to other students in the batch and with the previous batch students. Click here to know the feedback of our training, from our previous batch students who are successfully placed in various multinational companies.

What does Pragim Technologies offer as part of Siebel CRM Training
1. Explanation of all the concepts related to Siebel CRM
2. Explanation of all the possible interview questions on Siebel CRM
3. Explanation of real time project and all the interview questions related to the project
4. Mock interviews, resume preparation
5. Preparing you for a successful interview
6. Forwarding your resume to our clients and consultancies
7. 24 hours lab facility
8. Excellent Siebel CRM Training in Bangalore

When is the demo class on Siebel CRM Training
We will have a demo class every saturday on Siebel CRM Training and you are welcome to attend it. Please give us a call on 09900113931 if you have any questions.

What are the Siebel CRM Training class timings
Usually the Siebel CRM Training class timings are from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM everyday including saturday and sunday. As our Siebel CRM trainer is a real time working software professional, the class timings are in the morning.

For any questions regarding our professional Siebel CRM Training you can call us on 09900113931.


  1. I did Siebel CRMtraining in PRAGIM Technologies.Our Siebel CRMTrainer was very helpful and explained concepts clearly. Siebel CRM training in pragim helped in applying theoritical concepts to a real time project. Our Siebel CRM trainer explained all the possible interview questions. More than 90% of my batch mates got jobs and now are working for multi national companies.

    Please be very careful: Many institutes in Bangalore says they have realtime working software professionals as their trainers. These institutes ask you to register for training by paying Rs.1000 to Rs.3000. After you pay and attend the training, you will realize that, the trainers at these institutes does not have any experience at all and the quality of training is very poor. You will end up with improper training, as result of which you may find it difficult to find a job.

    So, my suggesstion to you is, donot pay any form of registration fee to any institute. Ask them, if you can pay after 1 week. Also, before joining any institute, make sure you talk to the old batch students in that institute, to make sure the quality of training is good.

    In PRAGIM Technologies, they did not ask me for any registration fee. They gave me a chance to attend the classes free for one week. After one week, if I feel the training is good I can continue, otherwise we can quit without paying anything. Siebel CRM trainer in PRAGIM Technologies has 8 years of experience. I also spoke to the previous batch students who were placed in different organizations. After speaking with old batch students, I became very confident obout their quality of training, trainer and placement programs. I got a job in IBM in 2 weeks after my training. In all the interviews I attended, most of the questions were asked from the concepts and interview questions, that our trainer has told us.

    All the best in your search for a good Siebel CRM training institute in bangalore.
    Koushik Patnayak.

  2. Hi I am Sadhika, working for target in Bangalore. When I joined PRAGIM I did not know anything about Siebel CRM. My trainer was very helpful. He was very clear in explaining concepts. He explained how to apply theoritical concepts for a real time project development. He also exaplined about all the possible interview questions and how we should be answering. PRAGIM is the best software training institute in Bangalore. All my batch mates are working for multi national companies getting more than Rs. 30,000 as salary. Thanks to PRAGIM and my siebel crm Trainer. The real time project he gave was very helpful in clearing my interview.

  3. Pragim is very good training institute for siebel CRM. I have done siebel CRM training in Netra Tech before joining in pragim technologies. But the training in Netra Tech is not at all good. After I joined in pragim, I am very happy as I got job on siebel CRM because of pragim technologies. Pragim is the best siebel CRM training center in marathahalli bangalore.


  4. Shkativel SenthilMay 21, 2011 at 5:09 AM

    I working as a Customer Service Representative in HP, I joined Pragim to learn Siebel CRM. I got job on Siebel CRM in less than a week after completing my training. The real time project we have done was very helpful to answer all the real time interview questions. Very good institute for Siebel CRM Training in Bangalore and very very good Siebel CRM trainer.

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